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 Naruto RP : Rebirth of Fallen Global Rules

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PostSubject: Naruto RP : Rebirth of Fallen Global Rules   Mon Aug 30, 2010 2:47 pm

Global Rules:

Spam: stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Material/Message and includes all actions illustrated in the list below:

* Off Topic Posts: Posting something completely irrelevant to the topic of discussion or forum.
* Post Count Raising: Posting only to raise your post count like stating the obvious or answering an already answered question.
* One word replies or Emoticon replies: as in "Very Happy", "Hi", "Spam", "Razz". Only exception is answering a question with "yes" or "no", but still, if you think you know the answer you should also know how to explain it too.
* Bumping Dead Topics: Bumping a topic that has not been posted in over a month is considered SPAM. If a specific forum's rules note a different time frame for classifying a thread as "dead", that is the time frame that you are to follow. One month is the standard time frame for classifying threads as "dead".
* Screaming: As in: "LISTEN TO ME, I HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SAY". Writing like this is extremely annoying for everyone and instead of making people notice you, it drives them away.
* Personal Problems Threads: If you have a problem with a fellow member you should solve it by using an instant messenger or, if that is not possible, through visitor and private messages. There is no reason for all members to take part in your problems.
* Bugging: Towards showing respect to RP moderators' private time, asking questions like: "pls pls pls pls approve my bio" and "chheeeeeek my customssssss!!!!" (x100), are prohibited effective immediately. Every question like this on Visitor Messages, Private Messages or posts will be considered spam, and will be treated as such by being totally ignored and deleted immediately, or if repeated, will receive Warnings or Infractions. There are stuck threads in every section which will guide you to the NB's How to's.
* Multi-posting: Posting one post after another in any thread is not allowed. This means making a new post directly below another post of yours (double/triple/multi-posting) will be considered spaming and will be thus treated.

Flaming: A flame is an insult or slur directed to a member. Listed below are our definitions of "flames":

* Insults: Any type of insult directed from one member to another member. Please remember that there is a big difference between "criticism" and "insulting".
* Homosexual Slurs: Any type of homosexual slur directed from one member to another member, whether it'd be false claims that the member being flamed is a homosexual, or mocking a homosexual member for their sexual preference.
* Sexual Slurs: Any type of sexual slur directed from one member to another member, whether it'd be describing explicit sexual behaviors involving the member being flamed, or typing sexually explicit slurs using the likeness of the member being flamed.
* Racial Slurs: Any type of slur directed from one member to another member or ethnic background insulting a specific ethnic background.

Advertising is when a member displays a link to a Web site not associated with Naruto RP with the intent to draw visitors of Naruto RP to their Web site:

* Advertising is not allowed on NarutoRP no matter how it is done; Posting a thread, making a post, using a link at your signature or advertise through visitor or private messages a web site or forum not associated with NarutoBase, but based on manga or anime, is considered advertising and it will be treated with no tolerance at all. It falls under the moderators' discretion as to what is classified as "advertising" and the level of it, starting with a day's ban at least.

Common: Includes all the important rules listed below:

* Censor bypassing is when a member deliberately tries to fool the vBulletin Word Censor. The Word Censor is in place to censor obscene words that may not be acceptable to certain visitors. Remember, Narutobase Forums is a family site, so, the Word Censor is in place to protect children and others that may be offended by obscene words. However, you are allowed to use the following characters to obscure at least one character in a censored word, so the word is not completely censored and the viewer can still understand what the word is:
* ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + ` { } [ ] : " ; ' < > , . ? /
* Images: Signatures, Avatar and Profile Pictures are subject to the same rules as posts, so, if something is not acceptable to post, then it is not acceptable for a signature. In this case, a moderator will ask you to change or delete your inappropriate image; please do so immediately. Failure to do so will result in your signature being deleted. A repeat offense usually results in an account ban! Please remember that the signatures' size limits are 600 * 150.
* Adult Material: Anything that contains explicit adult material or illegal activities is strictly prohibited; remember this is a family forum and not a place for such actions. Linking to websites with such content is also not allowed. Posting such material are grounds for a temporary to permanent ban, subject to the severity of the offense and discretion of the moderators.
* Search Button: Use it before making a thread. Someone else might have posted the same thing or asked the same question. There is no reason for repetition.


* Spoilers: Not everyone is at the same point of the anime or manga; Respect that by placing the Spoiler Tags where appropriate.
* Rep Abuse: While it is normal to give reputation to people who help you or have done something you found interesting for the forum, games as "rep me and I will rep you" are considered "repwhoring" and are not allowed.
* Illegal activities: You may not link to websites that contain illegal games/movies, or sites with grotesque, violent and/or racist content.
* Report: Use the Report button if you see a problematic message or post. Don't try to solve the problem alone and don't flame back if someone has flamed you. The staff will take care of it as soon as you report it.
* Trolling: Starting or participating in a flame war will only get you in trouble. Use the "Report" button and stay away of it. Other than infractions users can also receive cuts in reputation, posts etc. for the same behavior.



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Naruto RP : Rebirth of Fallen Global Rules
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