Naruto RP : Rebirth of Fallen

Fight your way to the top. To bring peace or destruction. The Ninja World depends on YOU!
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 The Story. -In the Beginning- Part I.

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PostSubject: The Story. -In the Beginning- Part I.   Wed Dec 28, 2011 3:08 pm

After the 4th Great Ninja War and our hero wich managed to save all the great countrys of our shinobi world.

Naruto along with his sealed beast Kyuubi managed to rival both Madara's and Tobi's power.But caught in endless war with good vs. evil none did prevail.

The Holy spirits of the Sage of 6 Paths Legacy have risen and sealed both sides.And decided to banish them from the sacred shinobi lands by sending them in future completly sealed and unable to do anything but watch this painful future.

Our greatest heroes with our most powerful villans have been sealed in the time and space dimension.

While the world is falling apart, at the same times the great Shinobi nations still exist and cry out for new heroes wich will save them from this cruel illusion wich is called reality.

The story begins 100 Years after the 4th Ninja War ender.No one lived to tell what accualy happened during that war.

It is belived that so much power rivaling each other has awakened the beasts the Sage of the Six Paths once sealed in the Earth.

These beasts are much different then the Tailed Beasts.Why? These beasts were created by the SO6P's worst nightmares.

They are belived to be made out of pure chakra being able to fully survive in any condition. Yet they have taken on the form of a Human.They live in each Shinobi alive on this planet.The other side of this beasts we did not realize is the souls.

Every object has it.So while they managed to feed on every soul,every body,every object.

The Shinobi nations suffered the most.While Sage of 6 paths took an outh while he has sealed both himself and a 10 tailed beast to the moon he shall not help the humanity.He had to break it.

He used the small amount of his power to banish the beasts by engulfing them in holy flames.The world was set on a fire.There has been no humanity for 50 years.When suddenly a Rebirth started.

Everyone is born faster and with that ages faster.It took another 50 years for the worl to comepletly be rebuild.

The people either belive they were born by the holy fire or by the shooting stars, one belive they were born from nothingness they belive they rebirt was destined.None of that is know.

With our Great Shinobi Nations back the war has already started.

Which side will you pick?

Will you fight for your Country and bring it to the top.

Or will you be a missing nin wich has no other leader other then himself and a trust in his skills.

It is completly up to you.

Fight your way to the top.To bring Peace or destruction.

The Ninja World depends on you.


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The Story. -In the Beginning- Part I.
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